the art bag

Each piece is handmade and is a work of art in itself.

The Art bag Iria de Ana The boy clutch.jpeg

For this collection, we collaborated with various artists to create timeless pieces with a kick of Rock n' Roll chic.

The Art bag Iria de Ana Mondrian bowling.jpeg

We looked back at great artists' work from all over the world and adapted it to print on The Art Bag Collection clutches and bowling bags so you could carry art with you every day.


Designed in London, created in the Spanish coast.

Every individual piece, every constituent component, has been carefully crafted. Designed. Mocked. Built. Scrapped. Redesigned. Rebuilt. Perfected. From conception to completion we use the best luxury artisans’ hands to put all the pieces together.




We believe in karma and in the power of unconditional love which we want to share with you. Every Iria de Ana handbag contains an energy card full of good wishes and warmth. Our wish is to empower, protect and nourish you every time you carry one of our handbags.