Pablo Picasso used to say that “Inspiration exists, but must find you working”. And that is our golden rule. We work with the finest craftsmen and women in Europe to offer an accessible luxury leather good to everyone of you. Because well made European leather goods shouldn't cost the earth. 


Imagine deconstructing an Iria de Ana bag - it might look like Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock visually solving a crime. Every individual piece, every constituent component, has been carefully crafted. Designed. Mocked. Built. Scrapped. Redesigned. Rebuilt. Perfected. From conception to completion we use the best luxury artisans’ hands to put all the pieces together.

Our craftsmen and women are our most beloved partners. Many learned the trade though their parents, who learned it from their grandparents. Few artisans remain in Europe due to competition created by large-companies, mass-production, and synthetic materials. But we believe that this is a type of art that must be taken care of, with its practices and mechanisms being preserved. We create fair contracts with our craftsmen and women in the hope that they will preserve their trade.

Ten hours with one single craftsman or woman to make a Coppola small tote bag or a Fellini big tote bag. Eight hours for a Cuerda bowling bag. Five ours for a Hitchcock clutch bag. The leathers are handpicked in Italian tanneries, where all the European regulations are followed. This is key: We care about the environment as much as we care about our artisans.

Laid out flat, the body of the Coppola and Fellini bags look like a mini dress with a slightly broad belly. The Hitchcock clutch bag looks like a perfect rectangle. The cotton lining is the first part to be sewn. We chose cotton to make the bag as light as possible. First thing stitched is the inside leather pocket to the back of the bag. Then the base is stitched to the front and the back with waxed linen thread. We use a saddle stitch that reminds us of the beautiful old shoemakers stitching: thick, strong and precise. Before every stitch, a tiny hole must be made in the leather with a pointed instrument called an awl, and is adjusted to the individual grain and density of the leather.


Next step is the handle. That lovely sculptured arc in the Coppola, Fellini and Cuerda bags is shaped by hand with a special knife and five individual pieces of leather. For a perfect finish, the edges are painted three times, leaving them to dry in between for 30 minutes, in a colour matching the leather. Then the front of the bag is sticked to the body. The handles are adjusted in the hardware.

The final touch is adding the Iria de Ana front hardware in the Coppola and Fellini bags, and the strap on the Hitchcock clutch bag.

"We Truly Wish That Carrying This Bag Makes You Feel Powerful With The Beautiful Design, True To Your Values And Happy To Know You Are Helping Many Diverse People Fulfil Our Joy Of Creating Lovely Pieces For You."


The small leather goods are handmade by craftsmen in the UK. Again, we use the very thick stitching, in a saddle style, that reminds us of the beautiful old shoemakers stitching. For the SLGs (small leather goods) a tiny hole must be made in the leather with the awl to guide every stitch.

The beautiful, grainless and hard leather we use for the SLGs is from UK tanneries in the traditional colours. And the client’s initials are added at the end with a hot stamp machine and a golden extremely fine film.

small leather goods
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