'Iria de Ana ‘The Classics’ Collection Launch Party 2016' by The London Tree

Iria de Ana ‘The Classics’ Collection Launch Party 2016 introduced the latest trends in Handbags designed by Iria de Ana.

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Iria de Ana 'The classics' handbag collection.
All Rights Reserved: The London Tree

Iria de Ana ‘The Classics’ Collection Launch Party 2016 took place in The Concept Store on Kings Road, Chelsea, London. Yup, the very same location where Made In Chelsea is filmed. The collection was titled as ‘The Classics’, and surprisingly the designer had named each bag after Classic Film Directors including CopollaFelliniHitchcock and Cuerda.

The collection consisted of four elegant designs with three colour ways. The most special thing was that a personal touch can be added by their owner which can be in the form of an image or their initials.

Guests and customers alike came and took a look at the collection, and amazingly more than three bags were sold while the launch party was at its full swing. The wine and music made the atmosphere a merry one.

Iria de Ana ‘The Classics’ Handbags Collection.
All Rights Reserved: The London Tree

This collection embodies the everyday woman who is sleek, chic and empowering. The colour tones used emulate the trends of 2016/2017 for a trans-seasonal look. The bags present an undertone of the connection between fashion and art through their structure, shape and overall presence.

Take a look at some of the pictures from the launch party below.

Website: http://www.iriadeana.com/

Instagram: @iria.de.ana

Twitter: @IRIAdeAna


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Longer, Better, Stronger - Buy for a lifetime.

“In consumer life we become what we consume – disposable junk to be used and thrown away” – Bryant McGill

In a world full of mass consumerism, decreasing quality and standardisation society has lost its sentimentality towards quality goods and the artisan craft. As the global economy thrives on pointless production and sales of consumer products, the environment and consumers wallets are left paying the price. However, there is still hope. 

Bags, wallets and purses are carry items that you trust and depend on everyday. Buying durable, reliable accessories not only last longer and produce less landfill; they are also more financially viable in the long term as they don’t need to be replaced as often. One way for you to personally impact and fight against the current consuming culture is to adjust your purchasing decisions.


Focus on longer lasting fabrications, some of which may take longer to produce and require an essence of craftsmanship application. The tanning process applied to the leather hide determines the longevity of the leather. If the process includes all stages successfully the leather is equipped to last a long time. 


Better quality fabrications that are made to last, always select quality over quantity. By selecting high quality leather bags and wallets you can be assured that they will age beautifully and last for several years.


Make sure to select bags and wallets that have been engineering for strength and durability. Good craftsmanship, design, clean finishes and quality hardware will make the over all accessory stronger. Therefore less money will be spent on repairs and replacements. 

Iria de Ana utilises both vegetable and chrome tanning processes to leather sourced from a range of organic and non-organic farms, for brands such as Hifas da Terra. All leather strictly abides under EU leather regulations therefore decreasing environmental damage and producing high quality leather. Iria de Ana’s goods are designed and made by Spanish artisans who pride themselves on delivering beautiful quality products that patina over a long lifetime. 

It is important to invest wisely in your purchases. By promoting quality production and supporting smaller businesses, long term you can save money and buy goods which are more environmentally friendly. Don’t just ‘taste and waste’, buy for a lifetime.

PROJECT X - Art & Fashion.

Fashion enters the museum; the museum holds photos of fashion. Art walks down the runway and architects design the runway. It is clear to see that all creative tasks can align with those of differing sectors. Throughout history the rise in project partnerships can be seen. Furthermore over the last decade there has been a significant increase in the collaboration between fashion designers and artists.  


1965 Yves Saint Laurent & Piet Mondrian

Probably the most iconic and recognised collaboration of all time, which to be perfectly honest was a rather simplistic piece of work. Saint Laurent released the 1976 simple A-line shift dress with the Piet Mondrian graphics illustrated on the dress. 


1974 Yves Saint Laurent & Andy Warhol

It is here that Saint Laurent is the subject and the product that was created is a silkscreen portrait by Warhol. This art work stands as a reflection of the intimate ties between the culture of fashion and art. 



1998 Marc Jacobs & Juergen Teller

This is a collaboration that allowed the photographer to sculpt the designer’s artistic direction. Teller’s work made the brand appeal adventurous, playful and grungy with a hint of raunchiness. As this is much like Jacobs clothing the two make a successful collaboration. 



2014 Louis Vuitton ‘Celebrating Monogram’

Even more so recently Louis Vuitton selected 6 designers; Karl Lagerfeld, Frank Gehry, Cindy Sherman, Christian Louboutin, Marc Newson and Rei Kawakubu to design their very own interpretation of LV Monogram to mark the 160th anniversary of the houses founding. One particular piece that stood out to me was the twisted box designed by architect Frank Gehry as pictured below. 



As history shows us collaborations between Art and Fashion can be done in a number of ways. It is merely up to the creativity of the artists themselves. In a way fashion appropriates art as it allows art to be utilised for a specific purpose as well as for aesthetic. There is no doubt that the future of these industries hold more collaborations to come. All we have to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the stimulating, unique and innovative work done by the creative geniuses of our time.