Longer, Better, Stronger - Buy for a lifetime.

“In consumer life we become what we consume – disposable junk to be used and thrown away” – Bryant McGill

In a world full of mass consumerism, decreasing quality and standardisation society has lost its sentimentality towards quality goods and the artisan craft. As the global economy thrives on pointless production and sales of consumer products, the environment and consumers wallets are left paying the price. However, there is still hope. 

Bags, wallets and purses are carry items that you trust and depend on everyday. Buying durable, reliable accessories not only last longer and produce less landfill; they are also more financially viable in the long term as they don’t need to be replaced as often. One way for you to personally impact and fight against the current consuming culture is to adjust your purchasing decisions.


Focus on longer lasting fabrications, some of which may take longer to produce and require an essence of craftsmanship application. The tanning process applied to the leather hide determines the longevity of the leather. If the process includes all stages successfully the leather is equipped to last a long time. 


Better quality fabrications that are made to last, always select quality over quantity. By selecting high quality leather bags and wallets you can be assured that they will age beautifully and last for several years.


Make sure to select bags and wallets that have been engineering for strength and durability. Good craftsmanship, design, clean finishes and quality hardware will make the over all accessory stronger. Therefore less money will be spent on repairs and replacements. 

Iria de Ana utilises both vegetable and chrome tanning processes to leather sourced from a range of organic and non-organic farms, for brands such as Hifas da Terra. All leather strictly abides under EU leather regulations therefore decreasing environmental damage and producing high quality leather. Iria de Ana’s goods are designed and made by Spanish artisans who pride themselves on delivering beautiful quality products that patina over a long lifetime. 

It is important to invest wisely in your purchases. By promoting quality production and supporting smaller businesses, long term you can save money and buy goods which are more environmentally friendly. Don’t just ‘taste and waste’, buy for a lifetime.